Polarity is a 3D platforming puzzle game developed using a game engine built in C++ using DirectX 11 by a team of four graduate students. You can download this game from Polarity's game page hosted on indiePub.

Eric Baker

Game Designer

Developed initial game concept and prototype using Unity to demonstrate game vision to others. Conducted playtesting to gather information on how to balance levels to make it fun for a wide range of player.

Level Designer

UI Designer

Gameplay Programmer

Designed and implemented the input system using DirectInput and XInput. Once the input system was done it was my responsibility to ensure the controls felt natural to a wide range of players.

Bradley Blankenship

  • Game Designer/Engineer
  • Engine Architect
  • Physics Programmer

Mohamed Farhan

  • Sound Engine
  • Level Designer

Jeff Hube

  • Game Designer/Engineer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Level Loading Programmer

Brian Murphy

  • Game Designer/Engineer
  • Particle System Programmer
  • Graphics Programmer