Portal 2 Mods

The videos above are play throughs of my released maps being played by a community member. These two maps are the first two in a five map series I am working on. The theme for the series is for each map to focus on one gameplay mechanic and make it as fun as possible. All of the maps I release will be hosted on the Portal 2 map community website Thinking With Portals under the username Patches34.

The images above are of a custom skin is fabricated for the two bots in Portal 2's coop game mode. The theme for the skin is a sports jersey for the fraternity I joined in college and still remain a part of. To make each skin I started by taking a released skin from the game's developers Valve and changing the colors in Photoshop using multiple layers. The bot on the left skin began as the Military skin and the bot on the right skin began as the Ninja skin.