Remote Shepherd

Remote Shepherd is a first-person shooter puzzle game where the player must plan each of their actions carefully to complete missions. As part of our capstone class we maintained a developer's blog that you can look at to find out more about this game and its production.

Eric Baker

Game Designer

Responsible for the direction of the game and communicating this vision to the rest of the development and art team, as well as overseeing the game design document. Created early prototype to demonstrate basic game premise to others. Constructing workflow schedule for art team as well as main contact between art team and development team.

Level Designer

UI Designer

Gameplay Engineer

Redesigned input system from Polarity to make it an event driven system instead of a polling system. Designed and implemented an extension of the base DirectX camera to allow our game camera to function as a sniper scope.

Bradley Blankenship

  • Engine Architect
  • Integration Engineer
  • Gameplay Engineer

Brian Murphy

  • Graphics Programmer

Dan Wilson II

  • AI Programmer
  • Game Designer